Thursday, April 5, 2012

Arm Candy

 Spring brings bright colors and warmer weather, but the current trend I'm seeing that I can't get enough of is wearing the pops of brights on your arm.  Why not make the arm party look like arm candy?  These unexpected places for color add so much to an outfit, especially if you are restricted to a [corporate] dress code and can't get away with wearing what one of my co-workers would call a "crazy outfit" [read: anything with color].  There's nothing wrong with keeping the brights isolated on your arm and these options below are quite affordable.  With trends and/or things that don't fall under the category of everyday staples, I like to buy multiples of a cheap(ish) version.  Juniors departments/stores and cheap accessory shops are usually the best, but these gems are going to be sprouting up all over, so keep your eye out and you'll find a deal!
Arm Candy

La Mer longs jewelry
$98 -

AK Anne Klein leather strap watch
$55 -

Timex watch
£45 -

Timex green jewelry
£45 -

Timex water resistant watch
$60 -

Timex watch
£65 -

ASOS pin jewelry
$36 -

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