Thursday, April 26, 2012


My friend Susannah sent me this ring, knowing that it was a) disturbingly perfect for me b) a staple for everyone that may or may not still drink heavily and c) better than a rape whistle.  Too far?  All I have to say is that Monserat De Lucca knows where it's at.  REALITY people.  Sometimes the only energy you have left at the end of a rager of a night is the ability to rotate your ring 180 degrees to ensure people know just what level you're on.  I can picture it now...a tragic looking human being walks up to someone (I envision a girl, one that looks like me) and you just so simply tap on the ring that states "sober," as in "not going to happen" or a blessed human being that I've she's always noticed striking up a conversation and you can say "let's do this" by simply tapping that ring that states "drunk."  This is genius people, and I also am debating whether I need this shit as well. Why?  I think you mean, why not?

images via shopbop

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