Thursday, April 19, 2012

guilty pleasures

I am 110% a boy bander for life.  I realize some people think it is "so embarrassing," "so trendy," and "so pathetic" for liking something they had a genuine equation for making, but I say, "Don't deny what made your tween bits tingle at the ripe age of 25 13."  I also look forward to using this self-proclaimed addiction to embarrass the shit out of my children.  Hopefully I'll scar them just enough to listen to me, but not to the point that requires repeat visits to the shrink [mama's gotta keep that bank account up for her shopping addiction].  That being said, my latest musical love affairs are none other than a cooler version of the original boy band and a current pop icon that gets mistaken for a lesbian.  I hope you enjoy these on this wonderful Thursday, knowing that I am currently closing my office door and having a solo dance party conference call.

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