Wednesday, April 11, 2012

traveling fool

I'm back from Seattle and I feel completely out of whack and exhausted.  It could be from the annoying couple that sat next to me on my flight back that proceeded to quiz each other on their lives, lay on top of each other [um, you only bought two seats, that's 2, as in you didn't buy my space as well], and talk shiz about Atlanta...on a flight to ATLANTA, which means a good majority of the people around you probably live in ATLANTA.  idiots.  But let's just blame the weather and travel and my HORRIBLE luck with the people that sit next to me in planes and movies.  I have no words and tons of work, so I'll leave you with pictures from my trips [Nashville included, although there's not much].

 mom, gramps, me
 shipwreck at the beach getting smaller and smaller
 new orange pants w. my j.crew scarf
 vintage to the max [aka my gramps living room he built]
 subaru outback:the WA state car
 my favorite sandwich shop
 happy hour
 nashvegas live music
 yummy wonton nachos
 the chapel from my parents' wedding
 my new obsession:gucci cat eye
 my new purchase:gucci regular
 Mt. Rainier
 my other new addition since I can't seem to locate my previous ones
 the best pancake mix
 happy hour [it's never missed]
 backyard at gramps
 Easter church
 gramps' original bean boots [probably close to 40 years old]
 Masters + coronitas
my grandmother's vintage hose grips


  1. You know Brooks will be giddy when he sees all those Suburus! Glad to have you back :)

  2. When are you taking me to Seattle? Love your Easter Blazer.