Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Smathers & Branson

Today's post is for the lady and gent readers [which I think I have only one of...Mark, are you there?].  For those unfamiliar with Smathers & Branson, these college roommates started the company making the best quality needlepoint belts [and now other things as well].  This may, at face value, sound extremely weird and irrelevant to a younger generation, but I can assure you [at least in the south] these items are basically a currency, and good ones can buy a store.  Smathers & Branson's items are the staples that college kids refuse to give up, knowing they'll be classics [unlike the idea that the best beer sells for $1 and includes the words "high" and "life" in it].  I personally love a good monogram, besides those that are a foot high and reside on the back of your car, so the coasters are my favorite, but why not incorporate the others?  If nothing else, for school spirit.

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