Tuesday, April 17, 2012


First off, I love wine.  Second off, I'm not a snob about it [i.e. $2 [.79] buck chuck is my love].  Third off, I'm the person they make crazy wine labels or cool bottles for because it plays a great deal into my purchasing decisions.  This last one is why I fell in love with Stacked wines.  Seriously cool, seriously different.  These California wines come in four individual servings that, like the name suggests, stack on top of each other.  And this way, if people see me getting a refill they have no idea what serving I'm on, as opposed to if that almost finished bottle of wine was sitting directly next to me and I claimed it wasn't for just me.  Mostly though, these are perfect for going places: picnics, tailgates, concerts, shopping...the possibilities are endless.

images via stacked wines

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  1. I really want a cute wine bag to put my bottle in for when I go to BYOB!