Thursday, March 15, 2012


So, if you may recall, I discussed my indifference of the floral pant craze here a couple of weeks ago.  Update:  still indifferent, still not going to spend that much on flowers.  BUT, I must address the fact that floral is not the only trend right now in the pant family, and numerous other prints are just as popular....and some of these I KNOW I LIKE, although my cheap tendencies have stopped me from a full blown purchase so far.  [side note-longest sentence ever]  This being said, snakeskin printed denim is not on my list of likes, but the ikat ones have won. me. over.  More specifically, the AG Stilt Ikat Jeans.  Love 'em people, they will go with any color and the print isn't as obnoxious as some of the floral ones out there.

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