Friday, March 2, 2012

{etsy feature friday}

Well, I'm sick.  Just finishing up fighting a cold that has been more than annoying this week, so I have a weekend full of nothing.  It is probably for the best because next week is filled with parties and parent time for my friends Laura and Charles' engagement party [pics to come later].

With that being said, the etsy feature friday wasn't going to happen, but then I found the prettiest, brightest Native American jewelry from Rejoice the Hands and I couldn't keep it from y'all.  Growing up in the northwest I saw a lot of Native American jewelry and have always loved the raw, natural feel of the pieces.  Rejoice the Hands does a remarkable job designing unique pieces that stand out in the crowd.  They're not cheap, but the craftsmanship more than makes up for the price.

photos via etsy

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