Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rikshaw Design

Monday you witnessed my latest obsession: tunics of all varieties for spring/summer.  I love this comfortable garment anyways, but all these gorgeous patterns and designs have me hooked.  Dress, check. Shirt, check.  Cover-up, check.  Tunics are the superhero of summer dressing and I'm currently debating how little additional clothing I can get away with while wearing these things.  I know some people may see me and say, "Bethany, you should really put on more clothing." And to that I will say, "_____, stop hating." 

I've been catching up on my Matchbook magazines lately and noticed Rikshaw Design's numerous ads, so I went to wandering the web and found their tunics [they call them the proper name, kurtas] to be more reasonably priced and in great color combos.  Not to mention, the designer creates all of the prints herself from her block-printing inspirational travels to India.  FYI: Rikshaw also makes some seriously cute bedding.

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