Friday, March 30, 2012

eff {steamy}

Today's eff stands for a combo of e's: etsy and ebay.  Mostly because what I'm featuring is better found on sites like ebay, but also in those unexpected places like flea markets and etsy.  The item I speak of is probably the one item I have always been obsessed with having in my future home(s)...probably in multiple rooms: steamer trunks. 

Words cannot describe my love for these bulky, antique looking substitutions for a coffee table, side table, hell, any table [except dining might get awkward with such close quarters].  The more distressed and simple, the better in my book.  Once you get too many details and "updates" it turns into the antithesis of what it stands for and doesn't appeal to me at all.  Now, my dream steamer is obvi an LV [like Tisdale's below], but those will run you at least $15,000-$50,000.  Until I'm ready to sell illegal goods and/or my organs, I'll dream of the others I've found.

photos via here, here, and here

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