Tuesday, March 6, 2012

daily deals

I have more deals for y'all to use until April 30th!  Enjoy the discounts!

Gorjana:  30% off sitewide with code LUCKYBREAKS1
[I have numerous pieces of this lady's fine jewelry and they
are constantly rotated in my everyday staples,
some of which are her famous leather wrap bracelets]

Amour Vert:  30% off everything with code LUCKYBREAKS3
[this e-tailer is known for sophisticated, beautiful, and eco-friendly pieces]

Earnest Sewn: 50% off all Esra bright-colored jeans with code LUCKYBREAKS5
[I have one pair of Earnest Sewn jeans and am a fan, so I'm
contemplating trying the colored jean trend with this discount]

Roberta Chiarella:  50% off her Tom Tom earrings with code lucky1

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