Friday, March 1, 2013

Inspiration as of Late

In my various "inventory checks" [you know, when I go to every online website and mentally {pinterest} make note of all the things I'm dying to own] I've noticed I've been obsessed with a few things: these majorly awesome, reflective Ray-Bans, bright printed scarves, this bright shade of green, and nude shoes.  Some of these I've already covered, but all of them together?  Sartorial jackpot my friends. 

First of all, these Ray-Bans have been haunting me since I first laid eyes on them over a month ago.  I mean they're so insanely bad ass I just can't stop thinking about them.  I automatically think of SJP in SATC 2 and everyone loves Carrie Bradshaw.  The last thing I need is another pair of sunglasses, but I might just cave for these.  Second of all, scarves are awesome.  Bright, printed scarves and even better and I want to incorporate them into my Spring wardrobe stat.  I've gone on and on about how I'm loving these green shades and it hasn't stopped with emerald and pistachio.  This one gets me too and the one on the right would be a great base to accessorize.  Lastly, nude shoes.  Anything nude really, but in shoes it's the icing on top for me.  They lengthen your legs, they go with EVERYTHING, and they bring an outfit together.  I love all four of these below, but I'm currently dying to own these booties as a nice alternative for Spring.  

Don't lie, if you saw me in this outfit you'd stop me, or at least assume my popularity has caused me to reach my limit of Facebook friends.

Inspiration as of Late

Eliza J colorful dress

Dv by dolce vita

Michael antonio

River Island pink gladiator sandals
$45 -

Ray Ban ray ban eyewear

Ray Ban ray ban eyewear


$33 -

Green scarve

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