Friday, March 29, 2013


I'll make it short and sweet on this Good Friday [first time I haven't had it off as a firm holiday = bitter].  Old Navy currently has their entire website at 30% off with code THANKYOU.  Treat yourself, especially on this beautiful weekend.

Side note:  I didn't say anything before because I don't like to talk about the bad times [and it was mostly bad times], but I gave up shopping for lent.  I've never been such a dramatic, full blown diva before this [debatable, but if it applies to something you and I have been through, just be quiet].  I slipped up once, this week at J.Crew with their sale, but other than that I've been purchase free and it's shed a big ol', bright light on how impulsive I can be.  Therefore, I am happy that it happened, but ready to peruse all of my regular stomping grounds, just with a more critical eye.

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