Thursday, March 21, 2013


As in Kate Spade's new, more affordable line, not the day.  Although, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow and just relaxing.  The line has finally launched and the pieces are awesome.  A bit more fun, with the same bright colors and great cuts that come with the usual Kate Spade clothing.  

Everything seems to stay under $180 outside of the Custom Weekenders [totally dying for].  It's online only though, so don't try to find these in the store.  Thankfully, there's free shipping and returns on every order, so no need to be scared to try some of these great pieces out!  They add new pieces every Saturday, so stay posted.  What I'm currently coveting:

[this dress has the greatest back...makes it totally unexpected and awesome]

[i'm a fan of classy cutouts]

[perfect print for Spring/Summer]

[um, the bottom snaps off to turn the dress into a top....say whaaaaat?? genius.]

[unique neckline to an everyday shirt to spice it up]

[perfect for Spring/Summer festivities]

[fun pattern that goes with anything]

[separate compartment on the bottom? check.]

[these look like the Karen Walker sunglasses I've been wanting]

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