Monday, March 25, 2013

look4less:denim up top

It's pretty much an every day occurrence that I find a picture of Olivia Palermo and want to be her and own her outfit.  It doesn't help that she looks good in everything, which makes me think it will look just as good on me [wishful thinking...].  I've been eyeing the Bella Dahl denim shirt she wears around town for months now, but refuse to pay $128 for something that I'm pretty sure will look mediocre, at best, on me.  

Seriously, how does she do it?  The pictures of her wearing this shirt make it look so amazingly chic and versatile and then the model makes it look like Old Navy.  What the heck.  You just witnessed my constant internal debate regarding said shirt.  I love the tunic style though, with the shorter sleeves, so I decided to try to find a cheaper version.  It took awhile, but I found two that I actually like just as much.  Now I just need to see them in person and try them on!  Oh, and get OP's hair, body, and closet.  No biggie, it's Monday.

Anthropologie Pindot Chambray Shirt [$88]

I can't decide which one I like better and I probably won't until I see them in person, but I'm going on a hunt to track these down and try them out!  Knowing me I'll probably go for the Anthro one...

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