Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Name Game

I'm a total sucker for any accessory, clothing item, street, town, church, or food item [thank God there aren't many of these, if any] named after me.  Let me just say, when I state "named after me" I'm aware these people have no idea who I actually am and are most likely referring to a Bethany in their own lives much nearer and dearer to their hearts, but what they don't know is that I assume it's because they probably have a love affair with my name, and in turn, me.  It's safer to assume my version.

Most of the items tend to be in the clothing and accessory category and are easy for me to purchase and beneficial to my health [shopping endorphins is a thing people!].  My first purchase in the "Bethany" category was a pair of black Delman pumps that I have since worn to death and refuse to get rid of.  I purchased them on Gilt and have never looked back.

The results of my most recent name searches produced two beautiful things and one thing I was so ashamed they decided to name after me.  I'm almost certain I need those loafers.

Shoshanna Bethany Tweed Dress

Pour La Victoire Bethany Loafers [my obsession]

Do you all do things like this, or am I just a freak?

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