Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Time

It's here people.  Holiday parties are in full effect.  I personally love this time of the year, searching endlessly for what I will wear to all of the parties I will attend and a special outfit for Christmas eve service.  I always have a dressier outfit for service and a festive outfit for Christmas day. 
This time of the year is a never ending excuse to wear dressy details like bows, sequins, and lace.  I personally love all three, so I'm in heaven.  I already have a few outfits picked out for my various events, but still haven't decided exactly what I'll be wearing to our office's holiday party this Friday.  Don't worry, I have enough choices for everyone attending, I just haven't figured out what will work best since half of us dress up and some select people [my boss] wear jeans, cowboy boots, and a Christmas themed Tommy Bahama shirt.  Pure Christmas class people.
Holiday Time

Green dress

Dorothy perkin

Sequin dress

J Crew slim shirt

J Crew sequin top

Dorothy Perkins chiffon blouse

J Crew long skirt

Midi skirt

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