Friday, December 7, 2012


I've been searching for a good, basic fisherman cable sweater for awhile.  Preferably in a winter white or cream.  Most of what I've found is more than I want to pay, so it was proving to be a more difficult task than I had originally thought.  Then I stumbled onto Old Navy's new sweaters and was saved.  They have two versions, I've ordered one of each to see which I like better.  Hopefully one of them works because I'd much rather spend $20 than $80+...especially when I may or may not already own one, it just has cropped sleeves.  If you'd rather not join me in my pursuit of winter white, then feel free to snag a different color.  There are only about 15 others.  The best part: the full price is $30, but with the code ONGIFT these sweaters are only $20.

Chunky Cable Sweater

Honeycomb Knit Sweater

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