Thursday, May 5, 2011

wanted and found

do you guys remember how I was dying to own a sleeveless trench coat? I know that by the sound of it this piece of clothing may seem extremely unattractive, but I promise you it is not [give me a chance]! I feel like my dad's favorite joke could be inserted perfectly here: "Did you get that thing for half off because it's missing some fabric." Ohhh, his debatably corny jokes have some serious staying power. Anywho I FOUND ONE! I actually had found a couple way back when, but ordering from a Japanese online shopping site gave me cold [freezing] feet. Something about it made me think I would end up with a live animal instead of my precious sleeveless trench. I found one from Banana Republic that My Style Pill had featured, but I didn't feel like paying $150 for something with no sleeves. Not to worry though, Urban Outfitters came through for me [on sale no less]! And then I found that Atlantic-Pacific owned the same one and styled it in the most adorable way ever! Behold....the epic sleeveless trench that I will wear throughout Australia.

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