Sunday, May 22, 2011


I'm back, I'm back, I'm baccckkkkkkk! I had the BREAST time in Australia, but I missed all of you nuggets and am so happy to be posting again. I thought I'd show y'all some pictures before I bombard you with craziness of treasures I've discovered. I changed my hair to the "ombre" look before I left for my trip and I like it so far, but think by the end of summer I'll be back to blond. I miss being able to throw my hair up and have it not look like my pony is weirdly taped on to my dark hair [so awkward, especially when all my guy friends give me a silent stare and ask why I didn't take care of my "regrowth" and have to endlessly reassure them that this hairstyle is in fact a trend and I'm not just saving some pennies by refusing to touch up my roots]. men.

Back to my trip. I spend 4 days in Sydney and then a week in Gold Coast [a smaller beach community that's right on the beach an hour outside of anyone isn't still pulling out a map] and had the best time catching up with friends....and roos....and koalas. What I did not miss was the randomness of how Australians address hygiene. This is not a "to each his own" moment. Shower and wear deodorant people. Don't let this deter you from least 50% of the citizens know how to deal with the running water/soap combo, but the minority that doesn't hits you like a brick wall when you pass them by [not to mention when they sling their arm around you at the bar...blah, puke]. I digress people. Enjoy the photos and I'll keep adding more as I upload them all/steal them from my travel buddies because I was too lazy to ask the other tourists to take a 5th picture of the same thing. I present....SYDNEY.

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