Friday, May 27, 2011

Etsy Feature Friday [stick with this one I somewhat redeem myself]

I thought it would be appropriate [some of you may disagree, getting sick and tired of my talk of Australia since returning] to have the EFF highlight an absolutely adorable necklace I discovered a few months back.

[INSERT rant about Etsy]

BUT, much to my dismay, Etsy likes to delete your "favorites" items once they've sold. REALLY Etsy? Why must you delete them and make it impossible to find them again. Don't you think there's a reason why I saved the item?!?! And isn't Etsy a marketplace for small time [mostly] designers to sell to the global consumer, so therefore wouldn't it be very possibly for me to contact said seller and ask if they will make/sell any more of said item I am longing for and have listed under my favorites, but maybe didn't realize it would be so popular and sell and that the inventory consisted of ONE item. GRRR. This isn't the first time Etsy has betrayed me. The pent-up anger initially started when they deleted my ALL TIME FAVORITE photo of a girl covered by her umbrella. This is the photo that I loved to look at [I know I sound seriously sheltered] and dreamed of owning, but, no worries Etsy...I really loved when you stripped me of my dreams and desires. [ok this has gone on for too long now]

So, I hope you're still reading because I just checked my favorites again and found the shop for the necklace [this happens sometimes with me, but people accept it and it's why I still have a couple friends], but the Australia one is missing [I've messaged her about making me one]. There are, however, multiple states and countries available and I think it's still a cute idea! The shop name is truche and the designer, Stevie, is based in Chicago. Even though the Australia one is currently out of stock, here are others that are close to me [maybe not you, but there's always a chance and other options].

photos via truche

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