Tuesday, May 3, 2011

swoon swoon zara

I was first introduced to Zara a decade ago while visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Prague. I fell in love as soon as my Aunt told me "I have a store I need to take you to." Needless to say, the love has had some ups and downs [as any 10 year relationship does, hello Kate and Wills], but in the end my heart always wins. DRAMA [D-R-A-M-A]: the only hate part of our relationship is the continuous annoyance I have for their lack of an e-shop and how INSANELY far behind they are on technology and an up-to-date, consumer friendly system. Seriously...who doesn't let you order something over the phone from a store after they are more than willing to tell you that they have the item you've been longing for, dreaming about for months???? [more like hours when I get obsessive about owning something] RUDE. But I'm going to be a bitch and dangle some of the new items that I love in front of your faces while we all scurry to the nearest store hoping they're in stock because, don't worry, if it isn't you'll walk away madder than a 3-legged dog trying to bury a turd on a frozen lake [first-hand experience-I was once told if I wanted a pair of boots I would need to drive from Atlanta to Miami or find someone local (all of a sudden) to go scour the stores looking for them].

photos via Zara

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