Tuesday, May 31, 2011

organization station

My parents were in town this weekend and between the amazing James Taylor concert and 5 too many bigger than life meals, there was a lot of organization and cleaning of my room [it was amazing to have 2 people who know what the hell to do with tools and design working for me]. My room is never "messy," but it has become a bit chaotic as I slowly lose any extra inch of space to storing random clothing, shoes, etc. SO my parents graciously bought me an additional dresser and helped me organize my room [life]! I haven't finished every inch of it because it was extremely exhausting and I may or may not have ran into my closet door and given myself a migraine in the spirit of organization/cleanliness, so I'll post more pictures once I'm done.

The new dresser and dresser area

The newly organized shit storm that resides underneath my sink

[I realize this may still look as if nothing has been done, but believe me

everything has a spot now instead of being thrown to the back...as if there was any

doubt, please take note of the proof of my womanhood to the
bottom left corner and if you are bothered by this then please disregard]

My newly organized jeans and pants

The ingenious way in which my mother thought to hang and organize my belts on the closet wall

The middle step of organizing the hot mess that used to reside on my

closet floor until I find nooks and crannies to stick them in
[inevitably there will be some that continue to reside on the closet floor,
but I plan on making the majority of them fit in cleared out spaces]

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