Thursday, July 4, 2013

Barbour Acquired

Happy Birthday to our dear US of A!  I hope you all are relaxing like I am in Florida.  In the spirit of celebrating such a great country, I thought I'd tell y'all about the amazing deal I discovered on a great, timeless piece I picked up from across the pond [it just seems so American though].

A Barbour jacket has been on my wanted list for years.  Classic, versatile, and true quality.  I finally broke down and purchased one [I mean why not, right?  It makes total sense to purchase a jacket in July].  The reason for my untimely purchase was a little thing called a discount code.  I've looked at almost every retailer to see if the jackets ever get marked down or are included in the discount codes and only ONE seems to have no restrictions: North River Outfitter.  

NRO is an amazing, All-American retailer anyways, but their Barbour selection is great too.  That being said, when I received an email from them with a discount code for 30% off my entire purchase, I had to act.  I mean saving $115 on a jacket is no joke people.  Feel free to check them out, and use the code [USA] for your own 30% discount!

Now to introduce you to the latest member of my closet, the beautiful Beadnell Jacket in Sage:

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