Thursday, August 9, 2012

{scotch} free

Y'all know I love me some nail polish.  A search for the perfect aqua blue/green color [a slightly bluer mint green if you will] that I saw in a Nordstrom ad has been taking up the last couple of months of my life with no leads.  When this happens I break down.  I literally can't stand not being able to find something.  Every polish was too blue or too green and don't worry, I know I am being ridiculously picky about the shade, but it's only because I already have a mint green and blue that I love, but I want the damn color I saw!  Then I was just casually reading an issue of Garden & Gun [sidenote...amazing magazine] and saw what looked to be a possible match.  The color was from a new line of non-toxic polish called Scotch Naturals.  I still don't know if the color is perfect, but I fell in love with the richness of all the colors and now can't decide what 3 to order [get any 3 colors and a their top coat for $48.99].

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