Friday, August 3, 2012

frugal friday {may books}

I am a huge fan of lists and organization.  More so the thought of it all, not necessarily the actual "on top of it" lifestyle.  I lived by my planner in high school and college, but now every week I write out my schedule on a post it note...pure class.  I tend to stick to the schedule, but often don't get everything done or ignore some to incorporate the spontaneous events that occur [i.e. all you can eat crab legs].  Then I saw May Books and fell in love with the idea of carrying a calendar/planner again.  I'll be life is nowhere near hectic enough to call for such a planner, but it's fun and I like to write stuff down to later cross it out.  These notebooks take the cake on looks, are planet-friendly, and can be monogrammed or printed however you like.  I'm sold, especially since they're 20% off with the code PEOPLESTYLE until August 17th.

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