Thursday, August 16, 2012

boyfriend's back

So....boyfriend jeans are one trend that I hope never go out of style.  Not because I wear them all the time, but because they are an acceptable and stylish sort of comfort in the jeans spectrum.  Not to mention they are such a refreshing deviation from the Kris Kross days of baggy denim that were completely unflattering and the heydays of crotch flirting, crack showing low rise jeans.  These jeans have been around for years now, but lately I've noticed brands debuting a "skinny" boyfriend jean and I'm completely intrigued.  Not so much crotch drop, but still the same style.  Count me in.

COH Daisy Crop Loose Fit Jean

Kut from the Cloth Catherine Boyfriend Jeans

Paige Jimmy Jimmy Crop Skinny Jean

Levi's Boyfriend Jeans

GAP Sexy Boyfriend

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