Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It's cooled down a bit here in Atlanta [and I officially just jinxed it, so it will be back up in the death ranges tomorrow] and it feels great, but it's cool enough that I grab light layers in the mornings.  I'm picky about my layers and like them to be comfortable with a little stretch.  A nice cotton or lycra works, but there's nothing worse than a stiff blazer.  I don't why, but I feel like I move around a lot more than a normal person, so I try to find seriously comfortable and stylish lightweight layers and blazers for fall and winter.  Probably because I never want to look like this:

The trend with all these things right now is piping [It was also popular last year, when J.Crew had their school boy blazer piped and I'm still kicking myself for not pulling the trigger].  Which is great because it's one of those tiny details that I can't get enough of.  Almost like a tassel...can't get enough of those either.  I found a lot of steals on these layers, so get started, or don't because you are smarter than me and waiting until you actually need these layers for good.

GAP Academy Blazer [15% off with code GAPGIFT]

Pim + Larkin Piper Blazer

C.Luce Pop Trim Blazer

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