Friday, August 17, 2012


It's Friday yet again and I couldn't welcome it more.  Last night a group of us threw a monogram shower for Laura, the bride to be.  I was beyond happy with the results and everyone enjoyed themselves [at least I hope they did...I mean how can you object to food and booze?]. 

In other news, the only thing I have planned for this weekend is getting my hair fixed!  If you follow me on twitter you have already seen my rant, but if not here is the gist of it:  my mom bought me one of those fancy hair ties that "don't crease your hair" and "look super cute like a ribbon."  This is all great until I put that hair tie on my wet hair and it dyed my blond hair BLUE.  that shit cray.  I look a smidge hipster and I'm not trying to, BUT there is a happy ending because I emailed the company and they quickly (I mean within an hour of emailing them) called and emailed me back to say they were terribly sorry and that they would cover any and all costs to get my hair fixed, including if I wanted a cut and style, etc. 

AND I thought customer service was dead...

So back to the post that is supposed to save you pennies.  I have a little scarf obsession.  If it wasn't so hot here in the summer I would pull a Jessica Alba and put one on with all my outfits.  Maybe this little accessory is why I love Fall so much?  But anyways...I found one at Madewell when looking at their sale [extra 30% with code LOVEIT] and for some reason [maybe the neons] I fell in love.  So bright, so fun.

Crosswise Scarf [$24.49 after discount]

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