Monday, January 24, 2011

PTL-palm trees, tan, lilly

I have one, that's right, O-N-E Lilly Pulitzer dress and it's black, which I'm pretty sure no one knew existed. Palm trees, west palm swank, and the shiz they adorn themselves with is le lady lilly. This is not my typical mix of wardrobe, but when a good friend whose entire closet consists of this lady's cute pieces tells me she knows of a warehouse sale and the dresses are $50-$75 I'm interested. I scored TWO new dresses and I am happy as a clam. What I feel guilty about is that I'm posting this and I haven't found any places to buy them at in case you all wanted them. I apologize for throwing these new editions in your face, but think of it as inspiration.

Start the hating now.

Carly Silk Cotton Dress was $298, I paid $60

Mila Silk Maxi Dress was $428, I paid $70

Good news though people! The boutique I purchased them from has a facebook page that advertises their warehouse sales, so next time you won't miss out! Friend them and expand your closet.

I plan on wearing the maxi dress for Easter and all over Miami for a great friend's bachelorette weekend...obviously I'll be wearing it during the day because I can't promise myself through the drunken festivities that it will not get ruined.

Not sure where I'll be wearing the white one-possibly to my 25 year old Baptism since I am probably due for another....

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