Friday, January 7, 2011

People's Choice Awards

The People's Choice Awards were last week, I know this, but I have a life so I'm posting on it now. Deal.

Let's recap some of the fashion choices made by the people who should be able to afford to bypass what the f outfits...

At first I thought this was a big ol' jump from tween to "I have four grown children and refuse to admit it", but now, looking more closely, I see what Biebs sees in our little Selena Gomez and I applaud this growing sex pot.

I can't decide if this is spilt milk or a petri dish gone awry...but I also can't figure out if I like it.

Her sissy sported her new attempt to differentiate herself from the other two, but wasn't her height enough already? I love Khloe, but I never support going the faux ginger route [besides my friend Tippi, where there is no other option]

Now onto a human carrot. Seriously, I understand comfort, but there is absolutely no reason to do this to yourself. I accept the color, but the shape, or lack there of, makes it look like she has robot stilts that force me to prepare to catch her when she turns after taking this photo and eats the carpet.

Taylor, sweet Taylor. I like her simple style, although I know she gets torn a new one on Fashion Police. This is a dress I would wear though, it's sexy and sweet and if you're looking may, just may, be able to catch a glimpse of some lady parts! You're welcome male population, I know it was on your list of things to see.

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