Friday, January 14, 2011


I have these booties from Anthro and plan to continue to wear them through spring AND summer...critics beware.

Newsflash-I don't pay attention to seasons and "store" clothes away when it is "not their time"...I say bullshit to that fashion industry. I will wear my white skinnies in the winter with boots and dark layers and I will look normal [subjectively speaking]!

With this being said, I plan on updating these vounderful boots with fun, bright colored laces, and lots of them. Honestly, this is the easiest [and cheapest] way to spice up the lovely things covering your feet.



ok, ok, so obviously these are the poor man's version of my vision, but only because i am the most impatient person ever and didn't want to wait for my laces to arrive to post the real deal.

if you disagree, so be it.

as my little, but oh so wise, brother always says, "hatas gonna hate."

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