Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello World!

This post here marks my first intimate moment with all of you intangible followers [which at this time I'm pretty sure consists of my devoted friends who are, in fact, tangible], so without further ado I thought I would open this bad boy with recent purchases to visually explain my likes and what I break the bank for...

[Before I get to the pictures though I ought to let you in on a little somethin...I like "sales", "bargains", "discounts", "markdowns", and however else you would like to describe something that isn't full price. Don't get me wrong, I spend plenty of money on full price things, but find I can justify the purchase of anything on sale, be it from $500 to $250 or $5 to $4.99. With this said, I lust for the expensive, but until someone replies to my SWF looking for sugar daddy that doesn't touch or talk, I must deal with my monetary situation]

I prefer classic-not contrived, mixed with a side of bohemian and sex pot. This being said these are my recent purchases/gifts:

My new grey Pour la Victoire Dahlia Boots

No longer available- From ShuzSociety via ShopBop

Pour la Victoire sex pot wedges to wear with shorts and minis come Spring

From BlueFly

[Don't listen to the reviews-these bitches be bad]

To boost my, otherwise, monochromatic outfits and pet throughout the day I turned to my girl Tory, Burch that is.

Don't judge....shit's real rabbit

I plan on wearing the crap out of this with skinnies, flats, layers, and a scarf to top it off-scratch that I'll wear it with nothing and maybe these new little gems I found at Target

Leopard Flats
with the mini-wedge
to show toned ass

So, I must admit, I've purchased more things, especially more tops, but my arms don't work anymore from all the uploading. Not to worry, I always buy more things and those, my friends, will be uploaded with better pictures and outfits.

Oh, what the for good measure....groceries or this? decisions, decisions!

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