Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baubles on the cheap!

Found a new cute website for jewelry that won't break the bank [always welcomed]...

It's called the BaubleBar and they offer two different lines of jewelry, the Trend Collection and the Classic collection:

Trend -"A new collection is introduced every Monday and Wednesday at 3pm EST and is available for 6 weeks, or until items sell out."

Classic- for those "Not ready to invest in fine jewelry but still want the look. Available 24/7."

Some I like from Trend:

Blue Mix Shape Drops

Emerald Double Drops

Rugged Amber Necklace

Long Purple Quartz Pendant

Topaz Loop Earrings

Milky Faceted Studs

Some I like from Classic [more dressy, more mom at a benefit gala]:

Antique Oval Earrings

Champagne Scale Earrings

Organic Shape Layering Necklace

There were others I liked, but I didn't have the patience to post them all, SO with that said go check out the website and purchase some goods to wear out, to work, and to grocery shop!

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