Thursday, May 2, 2013


Summer and warmer weather seem to be upon us, or at least getting close.  I've started to organize my boots and winter footwear together to trade out for my summer wedges and sandals next time I'm home and able to access my parents storage unit [don't ask, we've all got hoarding problems].  I ordered a few new staples from Old Navy of the sandal variety and am absolutely in love with the tortoise color.  

These sandals are cheap, but I've had my original pair for years [unexpected, I know] and have been through many a drunk stumbles and they are still alive to speak about it, that is if sandals could talk, and I really hope mine can't.  But I digress, these babies are only $12.94, and with 20% off $10.35 [code: ONSAVE20] which is much better than their J.Crew look-a-like that clocks in at $45 [code for 25% off is SPRINGBEST, which puts them at $33.75].  With both discounts, I'm still glad I grabbed the ON version and plan on wearing them all summer long, starting with a braves game this weekend!

Old Navy Tortoise Sandal
[FYI - the tortoise is much more visible than the image online]

J.Crew Tortoise Sandal

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