Friday, May 17, 2013


It's been a long while since I've featured anything from etsy and not because it's not there, I've just been too lazy to search for it.  That is until a new shop fell straight into my lap and I instantly fell in love.  

Like I said yesterday, I've been on a home decor kick lately and Islimi's ikat patterned pillows immediately grabbed my attention.  These are the perfect pop of color and accent to add to a room and/or bed.  If you're a little worried about brights stealing the limelight, not all of the patterns are so intense.  I personally love an ikat print, but I understand if some don't always gravitate towards them.  As an accent to a room though, I'm in love.  These lovely pillows are priced from $10-$60 [for a set of 2].

This weekend I'm off to a friend's wedding on Bray's Island Plantation outside of Charleston and can't wait to see friends and dance the night away!  I'll try to share pictures, if I remember to take them!

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