Friday, November 9, 2012

kind of frugal...

Today I needed to get out of the office.  Besides not being able to kick whatever cough/annoying illness I have had for the last two weeks, I just wanted fresh air...and to buy something.  I've had my eye on Madewell's Skimmers in leopard for awhile as my replacement pair for the Target gem I found a few years back that I've completely worn through [now in my bar shoes pile].  I've been searching for literally months, trying to find another pair with NO detailing.  It's been impossible and then I saw this Madewell pair and was just waiting for a discount code.  Well, I got that discount code [25% off $150+ purchase until Sunday] and marched into the store.  I have never found so many things I've wanted from Madewell.  Everything below I tried on today and wanted to take home immediately.  I'll probably eventually purchase everything below, but I must take it easy on le old bank accounto.

Lately I've realized that I'm getting older and am accepting my laziness with open arms, thus wearing flats and mini-wedges all. the. time.  These are perfect to dress up an outfit or just add a cute detail to a casual one.

I am obsessed with the cut of these sweaters.  The curved and split sides not only flatter you, but add an unexpected detail to a normal looking sweater.  And the buttons...those little details get me every time.

This little lace top was adorable.  I tried on the black and cream versions, preferring the cream one, but the detail was more visible in the black for a picture.

I passed by this sweater 3 times and each time I stopped and held it up.  Eventually I just stopped and took it to try on.  LOVE.  The entire back is striped and the camel color is more tan in person.  It looked great with my new black pants below and the leopard flats.

I have a pair of straight black pants that I have worn to death.  They aren't denim, and they aren't a dress pant material, but they are so comfortable and flattering.  I refuse to get rid of them, but knew that eventually I'd have to break down and get another pair of something.  I despise jeggings and a lot of the black pants I've tried on are a mix of the horrible thing I mentioned a few words ago.  I figured I'd try for super dark black denim in a straight cut and these were the closest I've found. 

Finally, the main event, the leopard flats that I'd been searching for for months.  Here they are people.  And FYI, in store these babies are 25% off and then if you spend the $150, they give you ANOTHER 25% off again.  Jackpottttt.


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