Friday, November 16, 2012


I'm delayed in this frugal Friday post mostly due to the fact that today was my office's Thanksgiving and I have been in a food coma the entire afternoon.  I recently have been on a sweater kick when I realized the sweaters I have been hoarding over the years are disgusting.  I'm weird about the fit of sweaters, but have been trying to incorporate different styles, colors, and textures into my wardrobe to last a little longer.  I can only wear my button-downs under so many sweaters before people start thinking I'm a man, not just a preppy female with an aesthetic for menswear.  I've pinned, saved, and stared at a particular ASOS sweater for some time now, but didn't want to pay the $60 price tag.  This may seem silly, since $60 isn't horribly outrageous for a sweater, but I find I don't wear them as much as I should and hence was trying to wait for it to drop.  Well it did, to a nice $35 and then with the discount code USASOS10, my new sweater cost me around $30.  I'll take it!  And now I'm more excited about my new purchase.  Now, I just have to wait for this one to go on sale [and get restocked].

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