Friday, June 1, 2012

etsy.feature.friday {introducing frugal friday}

Friday's are changing here on the blog and I think it'll be for the better!  First of all, happy June everyone.  Second of all, when this gets posted I will have been on the road driving home for 3 hours already...disturbing, but I have to get home in time to nap before I leave for the bachelorette weekend. [priorities people] I decided {with the help of Laura} to change up my Friday posts because I wanted to do something different...and why not let that something different revolve around my cheapness and call it Frugal Friday?  So, I'll be posting great [cheap = under $30] things and I hope you all like them!  I figured I'd do a soft open of the new post with a combination of eff and ff....something that's under $30 and also on etsy.  Enjoy!

I saw these earrings and instantly fell in love.  Simple, colorful, and perfect for summer.  I love these colors for summer and know these earrings will go with everything.  More than a stud, but not full on statement earring.  I'm in.

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