Tuesday, June 26, 2012

comfort and ease [wes gordon x jny]

After being in the airport a lot lately I've been doing a better job preparing what to wear so my level of annoyment is at an all time low.  I get very impatient when people don't move at an appropriate pace through security and the terminals, much like when some one's doing 40 in the fast lane.  Therefore, you can imagine how I get when someone is literally taking off 10 layers of clothing and items to go through security.  That is why I generally leave all my jewelry off and sometimes bring a change of shoes to put on once I'm past that point and ready to look like the glamorous traveler I obvi am. 

I saw this Wes Gordon x Jones New York vest in a magazine and fell in love.  Perfect for travel with skinny pants and flats and beyond chic (or as Susannah's husband would say "that is schick") with multiple layers or sleeveless.  It's mine.  Check out his other stuff here, since it's all an additional 40% off!

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