Thursday, July 26, 2012

{re-launch} HOS

So along with everything else that's coming back from the 90s, MTV's House of Style is being resurrected as well.  I ain't mad at cha.  It was a refreshingly cool way of showcasing all things fashion.  Not to mention, my girls Salt-n-Pepa strutted their stuff and who can't get behind that? 

If we were friends circa my 7th year of life you'd know how big of a S-n-P fan I was [and still am].  Sadly, I've terrified a few friends with my ability to sing/rap the entirety of Shoop.  I've got talents people and I'm not afraid to show them off.

I'm excited to finally have a reason to watch MTV again since my one time tuning in of 16 & pregnant has forever scarred me of the show.  Here's to House of Style 2.0.  They're releasing a documentary August 7th and announcing the new host September 6th.  I'm ready.

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