Monday, July 2, 2012

Chicago in pictures

I'm back to my normal life now that my last trip in June is completed.  Barely survived and 100% exhausted, so I'll show you what I did in pictures and some captions.

 With our driver Emil
 liquor on tap at Kuma's Corner = danger
 48 oz. martini at Big Bar
 Drinks at The Pump Room
 The Bean
 the river
 reflections at the bean
 belly of the bean
 awkward fountain getting a doozy to the eyes
 Buckingham Fountain
 Cubbies game
 us at the bean
 Drinks and Dinner at RPM [Giuliana and Bill Rancic's restaurant]
 Jennifer and me "watching" the Cubbies [maybe more drinking than watching]
 Lake Shore Drive from the river
 Chicago Lighthouse [from The World's Fair]
 Bloody Mary at Ditka's
 John Hancock
 the river at night

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