Friday, June 21, 2013


I've realized that, lately, everything I write [or rather, my last couple of posts since I've neglected this thing so much lately] seems to be a look4less post.  I mean I don't think y'all are complaining, but apparently my extremely cheap qualities are shining through as of late. 

With that being said, guess what I have for today?  That's right, get ready to save. I was cruising through the J. Crew Factory website and realized their jewelry is completely underrated.  I guess everyone gets so caught up in the main brand's gorgeous jewelry that they forget about the lovely discounted sister site.  OR maybe I think I'm the only one that takes full advantage of these lower prices.  Whatever the case may be, I wanted to do a look4less for a staple necklace that I wear all the time and get tons of compliments on.  I've tried on the J.Crew version and own the Factory version, so I can honestly tell you, I like the Factory version better, along with the price tag.

This simple gold link necklace goes with EVERYTHING.  No joke, and it adds class to every look, business or casual, or business casual.  Check them out and, if you're lucky, a local store will have it so you can try it on and avoid shipping!


J crew necklace

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