Friday, January 25, 2013


Sorry my post was delayed today...I was busy stalking Ticketmaster for my tickets to "The Package Tour."  No shame in my game.  Great Friday buy, but since those tickets are just above my $30 mark, I'll have to find another deal for you all to buy [although, if you ask me, revisiting my awkward love of r&b from my youth is priceless].  

Lately, along with my pajama purchases, I've been trying to find nice, affordable workout wear.  I'm a fan of Old Navy's active line because it holds up and doesn't break the bank.  Not to mention, there is always a discount code.  My most recent purchase was their half-zip GoDRY Running Top.  Lightweight, so they're easy to layer to keep warm, and quick to throw on to run to the gym or errands [because, if we're being honest...sometimes you want to run errands in workout wear on the weekends so people think you're more productive than they are].  I ordered mine a size up, so it would be roomy and comfortable.  My ideal fit when the temps are freezing and I add on layers under and over my jackets.  They're usually $22.94, but with the discount code SECRET, the end price will run you $18.35.

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