Wednesday, October 9, 2013

fall layers

I have been MIA.  I understand, but can't help it.  I barely have time to see people outside of work.  Hopefully it will get better, but probably not!  Anyways, to the important things - I finally have a post!

This is literally what I am wearing today.  We've been experiencing brisk mornings and slightly windy days here in Atlanta, so I've begun layering!  I absolutely love these J.Crew vests.  I bought my first one a few years ago when they were initially introduced and grabbed a couple more this year when Factory released them (couldn't help it, especially since the price has jumped significantly with the newer versions).  I just ordered this dress from Loft and can't wait to wear it through fall with boots of all heights.  Other news - I'm obsessed with these Kate Spade earrings I picked up in Vegas.  They go with everything, but are a nice break from my usual everyday ones.  I've also somehow misplaced my MK gold watch that I've had for years, so I've been eyeing these Kate Spade versions.  Don't worry - they're on my Christmas list, which is also already done and sent off.

fall layers

LOFT dress


Kate spade jewelry

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