Monday, October 22, 2012


My life has been hectic lately to say the least.  I recently moved to a new apartment and have yet to stay in Atlanta a single weekend since.  The first week in November will finally allow me to unpack things and settle in.  This past weekend I went on a long overdue trip home to Florida.  Seeing family, friends, and hanging out (eating) at all my favorite places was definitely something I needed.  This weekend I'm headed to Helen, a small German inspired town north of Atlanta, for Oktoberfest and Halloween craziness.  There are 20 of us in one house, so it should be all sorts of interesting.  I've decided my Halloween outfit will be Honey Boo Boo...mostly because I was able to throw something together for it from the things I've unpacked so far.  I'll try to take [appropriate] pictures to post on the blog.

This weekend my mom and I were able to make our trip to the nice, clean Kohl's at home since the closest one to me in Atlanta is 25 minutes away and super sketch.  As usual, I found a couple things I loved and the prices were great.  I'm mostly obsessed with two things:  my new snakeskin cap-toe flats and my highlighter yellow chiffon shirt.

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