Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NR for Macy's

Nicole Richie was the next one up for a collab with Macy's Impulse shop and her line is pretty true to her style.  I get so frustrated when designers do collaborations and use it as an excuse to design crap that is NOTHING like their usual aesthetic.  HELLO...the reason why I buy your collaborations is because I can't afford the real line...not because I'll buy anything with your name on it [actually I've bought tons of questionable things because of the name on the label, but that's besides the point].  I'm a big fan of the Richie and love her Winter Kate and House of Harlow lines.  I swooned over a couple items in the mix and want to see them in person, so I'll be hitting up my local [crazy] Macy's [which I'm pretty sure does more drug business on the weekends than revenue] to check them out...hold the drugs.

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